Tuesday, December 30, 2014


First off it was sooooooooooo freaking awesome to see you guys!!!! Man that was the best ha. President Klein only gives us a little time but I could have talked for days! I always freez when I'm talking though and never know what to say! Haha it was quite strange but super great and I felt so much better after it! It was just weird cuz it feels like yesterday we were skyping Tanner and I was with the family. Didn't feel real at all haha. Feels like a dream. Well my whole mission feels like a dream right now. Thanks again for the gifts you sent me! Both pairs of socks are soooo siiiick and all of the candy and food was perfect and the rudolf nose and everything!! Thanks a ton. I woke up and the first thing we did was open presents and I was freaking out ha. Also I'm happy to hear you finally got my package from the MTC ha. I will be sending home a Christmas one soon. Ceiba had tons of cool stuff there but here we're in the trash of Honduras ha and we don't get to go to central of San Pedro very often. But ima find some nifty stuff to send heh heh. 

Man sounds like you guys had a blast in Mexico!!! Thats so awesome! I wanted to ask you guys more about it haha I just got all flustered. How many days were you there for and was that a different house than the last one they were at? What did you guys do everyday? That's soooo awesome about Grandma and Grandpa! I was laughing and just loving it. They are living the dream right now!! Mexico city is insane haha. Only grandpa could be able to drive there. It's ridiculous but so awesome! I'm glad it was a great trip and I can't wait to do that in 2 more Christmases! 

Christmas here was great though. We didn't eat as many tamales as we thought we would be we sure did eat a lot of pig...greasy, fatty, slimy pig. My heart hurts. The fireworks are still going too. It's nonstop till after New Years. Everybody here gets super pumped for New Years cuz they are all ready to just start a new life and do all these things. We all know how that is. Then after a couple months it just gets too hard..hahah. There are some who stick to it though!
Things are starting to pick up in the area and we were able to comit a lady named claudia to baptism! And we did divisions where i went with a youth in the ward all day and had to take control of the lessons and did it!! We had a lot of lessons that day too. Elder Oliveira and I are working together a little better and both try to lift eachother up a lot. 

On to the questions for dad...

1. Did you get packages from grandma B.?  She wanted to know.

Yes I got the package from gma and it is awesome!! Super sweet tie!!

2. Besides a jump rope is there anything else we could stick in a package for you?

All the kids here want chocolate and sour gummy worms hah and I told them I'd ask you guys. Maybe like some Hersheys Kisses and Kit Kats and M y Ms haha. But for me just a jumprope would be so awesome! Gotta keep my speed up ya know?

Former Elder Mejia
(Served with Justin Higgins in Peru)
Yep, he ate all three!!
3. What is your favorite kind of beans you eat?  I always liked the black bean log with fresh Pan. 

My favorite beans are the black beans too with rice and tortilla. I can't decide whether I like bean spread or just a bunch of little beans better. I sure do love beans though!

4. Who cut your hair?  Did a great job.  You looked great!

There's a bunch of barbers here and some young guy with a goofy hair cut did it. It's hard to explain to them though hahaha!

I love you guys so much and hope you have a great new year! Thanks for your love and support I can't tell you how grateful I am for you. I know what I have to do and we all know that this is conquerable. I ain't ever been scared of satan. Ya this has been so dang hard, but this mission is awesome and I wish you guys could see how cool and foreign it is here and just how crazy everyone and everything is! I know this is not supposed to be easy, but I know the reward is great. I have had some good experiences too so we'll just take that and keep going! Loves for everyone!

Elder Beeston

ps. I sent home the postcard me and Elder Measles made. I will give you more deets next week. Just be ready.
pss. They said my other package with the credit card is in La Ceiba so it got here! They just have to send it to me!
psss. Thanks for the addresses mom!
pssss. Tell Kona to feel better and to stop being a baby!
psssss. Stoked you're in the primary dad!!
pssssss. Whet got called to be a ZL in his mission. Only 18-year-old...barely! So siiick!
psssssss. Go utes!
pssssssss. Not much more to say.

(One of Derik's friends from Honduras texted the picture with the pizza to Tanner Monday night. And Justin Higgins texted us the picture of Derik and Elder Mejia. Apparently Justin was his Zone Leader in Peru where they served together. The former Elder Mejia is from Honduras. So fun to get random pictures from random people! Ha!)
"Found this in my soup at the bottom"

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