Monday, December 1, 2014


Welp. This week was nuts. Hope everybody had an excellent thankgiving and black friday! Thanksgiving here was.....well....nothing. However we did get invited over to one of our investigators house (George...the most interesting man in the world without a doubt) and they fed us some dry turkey and rice and beans and bananas!! It could have been the best Thanksgiving dinner I've had. The day before Thanksgiving was absolutely insane. It was the biggest rainstorm Honduras has seen in yeeeaaarrrrrsssss. I have never seen more rain in my life. We were just strollin like we usally do on the streets Wednesday morning after doing divisions with our district leader, and then boom it started dumping with out even giving us a friendly warning. And it did not stop until the next day. 24 hours straight of pouring rain! Elder Measles and I figured we were already soaked and that staying in the house all

day would just be boring so we went to work! Earlier that day we were walking by the ocean which was nuts and we were telling eachother how nuts it would be if there was a natural disaster here and we just had to help recover houses the rest of our mission. It kind of came true just for the day haha. The streets were up to our knees and in some spots at our waists and sometimes we would be walking and all of a sudden I'd fall in a sewer hole all the way under the water. It was quite the adventure. We would show up for lessons and the people were just mind boggled haha. They didn't know what to do and so they would just let us in and we would teach em and go swimming again. We finally were walking back home and decided to see how this one family was doing who is really progressing right now and so we walked to their house and it was completely flooded. We helped them for about an hour and then realized our house was probably flooded too and you betcha it was....we opened up the door and there was water up to our shins! All our stuff was on the ground before but the guy who owns our house picked it all up before it got wet. Huuuuuge miracle. All of our stuff got saved so that was good. We then decided to go out and help out all the people in our colony. We were just running...swimming...from house to house helping people lift stuff off the ground so it didn't get wet till 11:30 that night and then had to unflood our house til 2 in the was craaaazy. We finally got to sleep and woke up the next morning and it was as if nothing happened. hahha it was a cool experience. It has been raining everyday since but hasn't flooded again. 

But apart from all the rain, things have been going great here! Our investigator Val is getting ready for baptism this Saturday or Sunday!! I'm super excited. And we should have a couple more on date in December. This area is awesome right now and our ward is starting to have a desire to help us. We are being led to a lot of people who are prepared to receive the Gospel. This area has been really dead in the past but is starting to really get going now. I am grateful to be able to be here and to be a part of this work. I know this is the work of the Lord and we are His instruments. I know this Gospel is true and my faith grows a little bit each more everyday. There are a lot of people out here who need the chance to receive the Gospel and begin ther path towards eternal life and it's awesome to be able to help them receive it. Have a gnarly week everyone! I love you all!

Elder Beeston

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