Monday, December 8, 2014


This week was super shveeeet:) Tuesday I went on divisions with our DL and that was a really good experience. He is a great leader and helped me out a lot. We worked hard this week and were really guided by the Spirit. Our investigator Karla, who has been struggling so much made the decision to be baptized! We have been working with her a ton and she has just been having tons of doubts and everything. Two nights before the baptism she was on the phone with Elder Measles crying and we were just like....well freak. We wanted to just give up on her it was really frustrating. But we got on our knees and prayed that all would go well and that she would make the decision to be baptized. And it all worked out!! Two of our other investigators, Valedia and her brother Roberto got baptized too! It was super sweet. This ward has not experienced baptisms for a long time (the pic of the
bap font will explain) and they were all super excited! It was just a happy day with that and with the Christmas devotional too. Even though it was played in Spanish and I couldn't understand it, you can always understand the Spirit and that's all that matters right:) haha but it was a solid week.

Oh, and so I don't forget, cuz I know I will, I'm gonna answer your questions pops:) 1.We eat at a member's house about 50 feet from our house. We pay the mom 400 limperas a week to cook us lunch. She's called our cocinera. Their name is the Tursios. The crazy little mom makes us rice, beans, fried chicken sometimes pig, guineos or platanos (mostly boiled but sometimes fried:)), and yeah. Then members give us food every night. Lots of Baleadas and pastellitos and more rice and beans and stuff. When I went and did divisions with our DL he took me to burger king!!!!:) So that was nice eating a big burger. I pound food though. It's unhealthy how much I'm eating and I even lick it all off the plate cuz I love it so much!!  2. Don't have a fav drink yet. All we drink is soda!!! They have a banana soda here and it's super strong and hard to drink but I drink a ton of that and coke...yuck hahahaha. Lots of juice too. My fav juice I guess is probably Jamaica!  3. Our white shirts get washed at the same place we eat lunch by another lady there and then the rest of our clothes get washed by another member who is our neighbor. We pay her 50 limps a week. I haven't had to wash my own clothes yet:) hehe  4. We get 2,000 limps every 15 days and we just go to an atm and take it out with the cards they gave us. I haven't had to use my own money yet!:) 5. We love to go get pulperserias at this little place by our house. They come from El Salvador. There are baleada shacks all over that we go to and get 4 baleadas for 10 limps each. 50 cents each haha. I pound them!!!! People here love making them for me cuz they know I eat so much! There you go:) 

ALSO I GOT MY PACKAGES THIS WEEK!!!!! YESSSS!!! I WAS SO HAPPY! I LOVE IT ALL! I definitely needed those hi chews and peanut butter and shoes and that jersey is awesome too! So sweet! Tell everyone thank you so much! I love you all so much! Thanks for everything!! 

We have changes this week so we'll see if me and Elder Measles are still together. We both have a feeling we won't be though but whatever happens happens and you just keep goin heh! I just don't know what I will do without Measles. He is a smarty pants and knows how to do everything and I kinda just walk along. So hopefully we get one more change together and I can learn a bit more. I will be lost without him. The rain has ceased to come down for the most part this week so that's nifty. I hope you all had a great week! Thanks for all your love and support! 

Elder Beeston

p.s. Oh ya dad I finally cut my toe nails the other day so I hope that makes you happy. Tell the rest of the family I love them! 

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