Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Well I'm probably having the the biggest test of patience in my whole mission with this super awesome computer right now that doesn't want to do anything. I guess it's not its fault cuz when I was sitting down I knocked it off the table....luckily it didn't break. I really didn't know what to say to the computer shop worker man cuz I don't speak much Spanish and I'm just some random dude who knocked his computer off. Haha it was silly. It's probably gonna take me like 2 hours to write this email but oh well. Gotta love technology here!

Elder Adams!!
My new area is super awesome!! It's called Las Lomas. I've really just been confused and in another world all week but today was our first p day and I saw how cool this area and zone really is. There are only elders here, no sisters, so that's super fun. There is also an elder named Elder Adams in my zone and we went to the same elementary school and were the biggest goof balls. Today was the first time I have talked to him since 6th grade. Haha it was quite strange but also cool. We also played basketball today...full court...at the new stake center here in San Pedro which they just built. It's huge!! Two floors! haha It felt good to play basketball. Haven't touched a ball pretty much since the MTC ha. Getting a little tired of fuuuutbol...mainly cuz the latinos are just super try-hards and go harder than they need to ahah. I'm still adjusting to the area and a new companion but things have gotten better. He's a pretty cool dude. He's a good missionary. He's super super nice and uplifting which is always nice. This week we're gonna work super hard and start getting this area going. Super sweet members here which are willing to help us which is awesome cuz in La Ceiba we didn't have that. We just really gotta utilize them here! Things are getting better though. I'm learning everyday and am finding new things to improve always. I'm not too smart or good at Spanish or anything but I'm improving...I guess that's all that matters heh heh. The only problem I'm having right now is that I've been light headed 24/7 the past two weeks and I called the nurse and she said it could be a worm but we'll have to see. I gotta just keep drinking water. They say it's the best medicine so I'll give it a try. I miss Elder Measles, but I really did get blessed to be in such an awesome area and zone! God knows where we need to be and I'm happy to be working here now! I feel like this area is gonna be a big changer in the mission and I'm stoked and feel happy here! It's dangerous but I feel comfort always! Just gotta be smart haha. 

Also I got all my other packages!!!!!!!!! The utah bag and the christmas package! In this zone we get the Ruta like every week cuz we're a lot closer to the mission office. We never got in out there in La Ceiba. But thank you sooo much!! I GOT A FOOTBALL I'M SO PUMPED! THANK YOU!! I haven't picked up a football since Utah haha. Everyone was so stoked to see that too cuz futbol gets old ha. I am so excited just to throw it around next p day! Ahhh that's literally made me so darn happy! I'm not gonna open the Christmas packages til Christmas though. We're gonna put all our packages around the super mega awesome tree you made on Christmas eve and then open them on Christmas!! That tree is soooo sweeeet! Oh mooooommmm haha you are too creative. And that poem!? Who wrote that! That was too cool and really comforting actually haha. Thank you so much! I am so excited to talk to you guys on Christmas. I know I keep saying I'm gonna find out about the skype but I'm really gonna find out this week. I will let you know next week on email! 

Here's the answers to the weekly questions haha...
1. Who is living with you in your apartment besides your companion? Did you know any of them?

We have 4 people in our house and it's a super cool house! For honduras haha. I finally have a refrigerator and even a microwave!!!! But....there's no light so we're still working on that. The two other elders are named Elder Harris and Elder Flores. Elder Harris is from Bingham and played football there 2 years ago so ya.....hahah we just don't talk about that haha. But he's stoked on the football too. He's a good missionary. He's got 1 year and a half in the mission. Elder Flores is from Tegucigalpa here in Honduras waiting for his visa to Mexico. And I finally know how to spell my comps name. It’s Oliveira haha.

2. What's your favorite part of teaching?

Fav part of teaching is when I actually feel the spirit take over and my spanish flows and I see in their eyes that they can feel it too! Doesn't happen often but when it does you really feel it. Im starting to get the lessons down though.

3. Do you drink your sodas or juice out of a bag or a bottle?

You know we drink everything out of bags!!!! hahahah its so awesome there are like no bottles here. You just bite of a corner of the bag and drink away so rad. 

4. Is there purified water for you to drink? 

We buy big jugs of purified water every week so don't worry about that. I haven't drank tap water once yet...I hope.

5. Have you had your shoes shined yet?

I've gotten my shoes shined once hahah. I need to do it again cuz they are diiiirrrtttyyy. It's fun though.

6. Do you love fresh bread or tortillas? 

I love both fresh bread and tortillas and I eat way too much of it!!! hahah It's sooo addicting! I swear they put something in the bread here hahah. It's so good I wish you guys could try it. I'm gonna bring some home when I come home hahah. I could eat 50 tortillas in one sitting if they would give em to me ha.

I don't got more time we gotta get out and work tonight but I am so excited to talk to you guys! Ill let you know everything next week! Also I'm freaking stoked that ali already got an offer!!!!! (Southern Virginia University). I am trippin out haha. And that is so awesome about the Utah/BYU game and how they are doing !!!!! (Utah won!) I was laughing my head off about that dude talking with dad hahah....and that pic of dad!!!!! hahah too good. Thanks so much for your emails and for your support. I feel ready to go this week. It's a process and I feel like I have taken a step forward this week in this work. Love you so much!! I will have pics next week. This computer is handicapped and I don't got time. Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for your love alwaayyyyyzzzzzzzzzz!

Elder Beeston 

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