Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Well.......Elder Measles received the phone call last night. As soon as he answered it he said, "Nooooo wayyyy," and pointed at me. I got changes. Neither of us were expecting that at all! We thought there was no way in the world I would get changed. If anything, we thought it would be him. I thought we would be together for another 8 weeks but the Lord had somethin different in mind and I gotta just go with it and be happy. So normally they tell you if you have changes 2 days ahead so you can go say bye to all the people you have come to love and take pics and write cards and stuff. But, this change pres. changed the rule that you get told the night before. And so I found out at 9:30 last night which gave us like 3 hours to pack and then wake up at 4 the next morning and get out of there without saying bye to anyone! It's kind of sad but there's a lot of disobedient missionaries who may have been the cause of this rule. Funny thing though hahah...Elder Measles and I slept through our alarm and one of the missionaries called and woke us up and said dude its 5:30!!! We freaked out and jumped out of bed. I was about 3/4 of the way done packing so I had to finish packing and then we ran over to the bus. I said bye, gave Meas a hug and I was off. It all happened really fast ha and I felt like I was in the biggest dream ever. I was pretty sad all last night and this morning just cuz I really was starting to love my area. Things were starting to really get going! And I didn't want to leave Elder Measles. But it's not up to me and I'm gonna forever cherish the memories I had there in La Ceiba. 
So my new area in called Satelite. It's a colonie in San Pedro and it's the most dangerous spot in the whole mission! It was Elder Measles first area! It's about 4 hours from Ceiba. Everyone says that if you dont serve a mission in Satelite, you didn't serve a mission in Honduras! haha. My new companions name is Elder Olvediera or something like that ha. He's from Brazil! He had to learn spanish too but he has a year in the mission so he's fluent now. He doesnt talk much and so I have just been trying to spark conversation all day. No more english....heh. My new house is pretty cool. There is 4 of us there which is going to be hard to get used to. 2 gringos 2 latinos. Should be a good experience though! I know that this is where the Lord needs me to be right now. I really loved my last area but I know I will come to love this one also. 

I had the greatest time in the world with Elder Measles and will always remember the memories we made serving together here in Honduras. He is such a great example to me and I look up to him so much. I have learned a ton from him and he really helped me get through those first few months of my mission. I really was blessed to be able to serve with him. We learned to work together and we had a ton of fun! I am sad its over, but am grateful for the opportunity and experiences we had. I am ready to serve here in this new area! I am happy to be a missionary and to serve our Savior our Heavenly Father. The time to prepare to meet God is right now and I am happy I have the chance to help people prepare and make these changes in life. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and remember the true meaning of it! Its the best time of the year! Thanks for all your love and support. chow

Elder Beeston

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