Saturday, December 27, 2014


Dad your email was awesome! I loved it!! I had the biggest smile on my face reading it. And of course yours too mom!!! Thank you again for the packages. I'm gonna open them super early Christmas morning just like the good ol days heh heh. I'm so stoked about Utah. That's crazy! This WOULD all happen when I leave ha. Good to hear that though. I can't believe how good they're doing in basketball! Things are not going too hot here right now ha. We had zero investigators again at church and it doesn't seem to bother my comp one bit. He is soooooooooo layed back. The area I'm in is supposed to be the glory land according to all the missionaries. The members are great and normally baptisms flock here. I have to find a way to animate my comp so that we can get this work going. This area really is super awesome though. I am still struggling with this light headedness and have been talking to hma Klein and we're trying to figure out a time for me to go into San Pedro to see a doctor. It's been like this everyday for 3 weeks straight hah. We're gonna fix it though. Gotta be positive. I am so dang jealous of you guys right now! hahah and now you know what it's like to be in a spanish sacrament mtg!! It's the woooorrrssssttt! They still bore me out of my mind and I can't understand. They never were too fun in English either hahha. naahh I'm jk. But that's so funny about Ali and Larissa. But I bet tanner is having a blast just talking with everyone!! That would be so much fun. I hope we make that a tradition!! Keep having fun and I hope you all have a great Christmas expericence there. Ok I'm gonna answer the weekly questions from dad....

1. What is your favorite food in Honduras?

My favorite food has to be baleadas. I wish you could taste them. They are so goood! Fresh doughy tortillas only made in Honduras. It's a diff type of brand with bean spread and this super good cheese. Hard to get used to at first but once you are.......mmmmmmmmmmm.

2. What is your favorite scripture to teach with?

2 Nephi 9:50. Soooo money. I aint too good with the scriptures yet though hah.

3. How does your bathroom and shower work? Warm water? 

We dont use a bucket in this house. Just a super nasty shower that is cold like always. No hay warm water here in honduras heheh. I like it though. Toilet is nasty. Well...everything is nasty. Super awesome.

4. What is your favorite fruit?

My fav fruit here right now is the bananas but once mango season comes...oh freak. I'm gonna get sick of mangos.

5. Have you given a talk or testimony in church? 

I have yet to give a talk....thank goodness....and I've born my testimony once my second week in Honduras hahha. I know I got a lot coming though. I hate talking in front of people.

6. Have you received the small package from the Relief Society that I put your new debit card in?

I still haven't gotten that package, no. But it should come!!

I love you guys so much and hope you have a great time in mexico!! Thanks again for all you do. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family!! I don't know how I got sooo lucky. I am looking forward to talking with you and seeing you. I hope all goes well. I will tell you all the other stuff I gotta ask when we skype! Love you!

Elder Beeston

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