Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This week was super funny haha. But first off the work still isn't going too well right now but I've had enough of it and we're going so hard this week. I'm so sick of feeling how I do and I'm just gonna work as hard as I can and make it fun cuz this is my time. I am going to do everything I can though and leave it up to God. I'm grateful for your guys' help though. 

We had 1 investigator at church yesterday but I promise you we will have at least 4 this Sunday. I got a comp who likes to finish the day at 7 o'clock but that ain't about to happen. He's a sweety pie but his desire to have people at church is not there. He has it in his head that this area is dead but we are getting along and I hope we can animate eachother to work hard this week and exceed the minimum. I've also decided to open up my missionary life book they gave us which helps with stress so imma give it a try.

We have had some funny experiences though. First one is that this week we have been working in a trio every day with a dog that we named roxi that follows us everywhere no matter where we go. Sleeps outside our house and then in the morning she goes everywhere we go until night. It's insane ha. I try to kick it and make it leave but it will not. We make it a goal every day to lose roxi so sometimes we just take off running and try to lose her. At first it was super awesome but now I wanna kill it cuz it just sits outside of every house where we are having lessons and all the other billion dogs here start barking and we can't even communicate during the lesson. And she won't leave! Just sits there and whimpers till we come out. The other day I did a side kick (not hard) and kicked her into a hole. It's a true test of my patience ha. Another funny/awful experience is that we were walking down a road one day and there was this dude out drunk on the road and this super drunk old lady yelled at us to come sit down but we told her we couldn't but she kept yelling and then my comps made me sit down. She said "Oh I love gringos. Take me to the states!" and starting running her fingers through my hair haha. Then she started kissing my arm!! I was freaking out and she then started to try to kiss me on the lips and i said "Hermana we have to go!" And we took off haha. My comp was just laughing at me. It was awful haha. 

Also, this week we had a zone meeting with Pres. and it was just our zone and was so sick. I understood everything and prayed that my light headedness would go away just for the meeting and it did and it was the best!:) He taught us about holding to the rod after the mission and that he is more concerned about what we do after than what we are doing right now. The way to stay strong is through service which is our first covenant, which leads to the Temple. He also taught us about the importance of paying tithing and not being worried about money. He shared a story that was so awesome. Pres Klein is super ridicoulosly rich and had 6 cars and a huge house because he loved money. He told this part very pridefully which was super awesome haha. Then he told us he sold the house and the cars because of something Hma Klein said to him I can't remember. But he realized he wasn't happy with the big house like he was with his first house with Hma Klein which was tiny. Money ain't important. Word. 

But ya that's about all that happened this week. This area is really cool. I'll try to get some pics. It's hard to pull out your camera here though. But I'm blessed to be here and the ward is awesome. God is preparing these people here to receive us but we have to do our part as missionaries and we are just gonna keep pressing forward no matter how hard it is. It's a battle everyday but I guess that's what makes it so awesome. 

I am glad that you were able to go to the Temple and feel better and I am grateful for your prayers. The Temple seems foreign to me ha. I don't remember anything. I sure would like to go. Bummer you have to go back to school and work now. That was always the worst haha. But I guess that's life right?! Thanks dad for the updates!! haha and I am glad Kona feels better. I am grateful for your love and concern. I am fighting the biggest battle of my life right now.  But I know I can conquer this if I will have more faith than fear. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me. 

Answers to dad's questions....

1. How are the burgers and pizza in Honduras?

Burgers are not very good, haha. They try really hard but Honduras meat ain't like the states!! Pizza is still pretty much the same ha. I always love when I get to eat pizza. I eat a box of pizza, which is 8 slices, like it's a snack haha. It's crazy!!!

2. Have you played any marbles with anyone or that game even still around?

I only played marbles once cuz they don't play in Ceiba. But here all the kids do and imma start playing marbles with em. But they're all way good so I'm scared.

3. Have you met any Honduras people taller than you?

Out of nowhere you will sometimes find some big Hondurans who are super tall haha. But for the most part I'm still the tallest. I've heard that Guatemalans are shorter than Hondurans though.

4. I am still reading the Libro de Mormon en Espanol!

Keep reading! I'm in Alma. I read en voz alto 3 caps every day and it's helping!
I hope you all had a great new year! New Years here was soooo nuts!!!!!!!!!! Way more crazy than Christmas. Sounded like a war going on outside! Thanks again for everything! 
Elder Beeston

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