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(Note from the mom...I know this is a long post but it's worth reading, especially the last story, courtesy of Elder Measles, and especially if you need a good laugh.)

Man I don't know where to start with this week it was absolutely nuts. ha so Elder Measles and I are in an area called Independencia, one of the richest areas in the mission and also the "hardest" area according to everyone. So at first me and measles weren't too thrilled about it. This week kinda changed everything though. First off though we moved into a new house which is super nice...except it has billions of cock roaches. We bought this spray stuff and it's the funnest game when we see a little dude running for his life and we go and spray him down and kill em:) We also don't have a fridge and because we're in a new area no one knows us really and we don't get dinner so last night I ate some granola for dinner....

So earlier in the week we had a visit with this dude named Jorge. Jorge is an interesting creature. He has been shot 17 times, stabbed 7, poisoned twice. we didnt believe him at first but then he shows us all his scars. The dude is nuts. we asked him how it feels to be stabbed and he said, and i quote..."it's nothing man, the movies are always making it so dramatic. The people here don't know what they're doing and so I just grab their wrist, break it, leave the knife in and take it out at the hospital. It hurts a little bit then." hahah he also said that getting shot is nothing. He says you don't even feel it cuz of the adrenaline. This dude has also gone to 22 years of school. Not to have a good career, but just cuz he likes to learn and loves expanding his knowledge. This dude firmly believes that knowledge is all power. He's also dang rich. The only reason he's in Honduras is cuz he writes books and wrote one about how Honduras needs to change. He's trying to help the crime problem here. So me and measles visited him and taught him in english thank gooodness...and he is very interested. He stumped us a lot though cuz of his knowledge. He knows everything about the bible ha. We just bore pure testimony though and he told us he would read the Book of Mormon in one day and pray too. CRAZY. We haven't talked with him since cuz he wasn't there for our next visit but I cant wait to see what he thinks. 

So this week has been filled with miracles. God is putting people in our path everywhere we go. We had a super contact on Friday and we now have gotten 17 new investigators. 6 of them are progressing right now and we committed one (her name is Karla) to baptism. Also one day as Elder measles and I were walking he said dude let's go this way (which was the longer way). as we were walking some dude comes out behind us and say "Elders!!" we kinda freaked out at first but then went ove to him and he took us into this house and introduced us to this family who he said was golden haha. This guy is a stake pres in teguciaglapa. The family said they are ready to be baptized and want to learn more! and the stake pres set a date for us to come and said hed be there. so nuts. Everyday we find a new miracle. one of our investigators at church bore her testimony in class and said she doesnt need to read cuz she already knows this is true. I have no clue what anyone is saying here but Elder Measles tells me everything after. he is a great helper. I look at him after everything people say. this language is so tough. ha but I trust that the Lord will help me. 

(Insert from Elder Measles email) This week me and Elder Beeston decided to be 100 percent obedient and diligent and yeah, it was nuts. normally President wants us to have 35 investigators. They pulled the sisters out of this ward 8 months ago cuz they only had like 8 and there had only been 4 baptisms in 8 years. When we got there, we didn't know a single person and we had a fat 0 investigators. 0! Our area book was empty! Now our district leader is freaking out cuz this area hasn't had success in YEARS and we are exlpoding it, only with the help of the ward. Sunday we didn't think anyone was gonna come to church. The sisters have only had the same guy in church for like a year straight. Everyone says that this is the hardest area in the mission. Well we invite the neighbors and they are like sure. We go to church and Karla is waiting for us with her son! Yes! Then our two neighbors show up! Yes! One other dude we found showed up after working from 7 at night to 8 in the morning and then went straight to church! Yes! Then a member showed up with a 19 year old kid that looks like Shaun White and he's like yeah I wanna change and get baptized. Yes! Absolutely insane Sunday. I taught gospel principles and in the middle of the class Karla stood up, first time at church, and says, I know all this is true. I want to testify to everyone that this is 100 percent true and I don't have a single doubt. She said that she knows it is true cuz she has felt it in her heart. Our two neighbors love church and want to go back. 

I want you all to know that I know this Gospel is true. It's hard sometimes...A lot of times. but God knows each of us individually.  I gotta just keep relying on the Atonement. it really is the only way. And I know through forgetting myself, I can gain strength and peace in my mind and heart. He knows our weaknesses and promises if we humbe ourselves and follow Him and our Savior, STRENGTH. Thanks for all your prayers and support. This has not been easy but i can feel your love. love you all. peeeeeeace

Elder Beeston

ps. I hate an onion soake 

(more info courtesy of Elder Measles...) 
So we went to buy some baleadas and the people selling them are members. Yess, free dinner! The guys asked Beeston if he wanted some spicy chile onion things. He said seguro? pican? which means that they are really hot but I guess that poor little Derik didn't understand cuz he ate them and his face lit up.  He started jumping around and his tongue was so numb that he couldn't even talk en english to me. It was sad. He went to the wall and banged his head against it for a couple minutes, punched himself in the face a few times, drank a couple bags of water, screamed, wanted to take off running, still couldn't talk, drank a bag of lemonade, still screaming, and the whole time was straight up crying. He cried for 15 mintues cuz it hurt him so bad. Poor lil guy is new to hot stuff. It was so freaking funny and I'm sure after a couple days he will laugh at it, but in the moment he wanted to die. I can't even explain it right, but it was hilarious. I think he is doing better now. Hahahhaha so funny.

:) this little guy is nuts hahah                                                                  

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