Monday, October 27, 2014


Well this week was just one of those weeks you know? haha. So Monday night after p day last week and after eating like 20 baleadas (best food here) I started to feel a little sick and could feel something coming on. That night I got super sick with a really high fever. I feel like it's the most sick I have ever been in my life. Definitey the longest night ever. I could not sleep and everything was in so much pain. I finally just went out of our room and sat down on a chair and I was doing everything I could not to throw up cuz I hate throwing up. Ahhh it was the worst. Elder Measles was up all night with me trying to help me, and he offered to give me a blessing. So I said yes and we read a few scriptures. Then he gave me one of the best blessings ever. I felt the Spirit so strong even being sick. He blessed that I would be able to go to sleep and get some rest to feel better and immediately after I went to my bed and just crashed. Woke up the next day still in pain, but felt a lot better. We werent able to work for 2 days and it set us back a bit. It was a good experience though believe it or not. My faith of the Priesthood has grown. All things are possible according to our faith. Good little experience for the week. 

So finally a couple days later when I felt I had strengh to go out, it started raining sooooo hard. It rained from 6 30 am to 4 00 pm. All the streets were so flooded and it just smelled so bad. It's bad news here in Honduras when it rains ha. The sewer system here is very bad. All the water just starts coming up out of the sewers. It's nasty ha. So that whole day we weren't able to work again cuz we couldn't walk anywhere. We were able to go out that night at like 5. 

Other than that things are going good here. Elder Measles and I have been informed that we are staying together!! They were going to close our area but Pres likes the work we are doing here. The Lord is blessing us greatly each day with many miracles. We like this area a lot. Measles teaches me a lot every day and is helping me learn this language and be a better teacher. Everyday is a new adventure it's awesome:) We are in a crazy house too. I guess the house we are in is where a dude got shot just a lil bit ago and the blood stains are on the floor. Makes us feel hard. Every one else was too afraid to live there:) Super big house for Honduras but it does have it's down side ha. Our shower is kind of a struggle. I shower with a cereal bowl and a bucket...and water that's not clear. But other than that it's great. I am so grateful for all of you and your love and support. I love hearing from you guys it's fun. Have a great week and be safe. 

Love Elder Beeston

Green shower water!

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