Friday, October 3, 2014


I made it!! I am in Honduras! FINALLY. It was the most beautiful thing flying over. It's just filled with mountains and rivers and ocean. So sick! The humidity punched me so darn hard in the face the second I got off the plane and it just made me happy. We met Pres. Klein at the airport with some other missionaries and they were very welcoming. Pres. Klein is the coolest cat I've ever met in my life. He told us straight up all the dangers here with a big smile on his face and hes just like talking to a friend. It's so rad. We drove from the airport to the church and had a big orientation for the new misioneros. After that and interviews with all of us we went out contacting. It was crazy haha I had no clue what was going on. I was a lost little boy. Dogs were just chillin everywhere in their little friend groups. It was a good experience to get started. That night we stayed at the mission home...20 somethin dudes all in one home with no AC en honduras. No bueno. I got some decent sleep though.

So I got some HUGE news....MY COMPANION IS ELDER MEASLES!!!!! President took me in for an interview our first night and said he felt good about it and I just smiled so big and couldn´t stop. I probably made things a lil awkward cuz I wouldn`t stop smiling. I didn't see Elder Measles till the next day though at the big transfer meeting where like all the missionaries come to find out their new comp and their new area. We freaked out when we saw eachother and I told him cuz I couldn't keep it from him. We just hugged forever and it felt like a big dream seeing him here. I still can't comprehend it. Its just a crazzzzzzyyyy few days and its gonna take while to settle in ahhhahhh:)

Our area is in La Ceiba called Independencia. This area has been shut down for 8 months and Elder Measles and I are opening it back up. Its like 4 hours away from san pedro and its one of the nicest areas in the mission hahah. (The drive there was the most beautiful thing of my life but the bus was soooo caliente. Just your average school bus with a billion Elders on it ha). Elder measles in trippin cuz it's so much different than where he has been. The people are rich and the houses are him. There is still a ton of dirt poor area but majority is pretty wealthy. Im actually in the mall here writing its weird. Our house is little and there are 4 of us in it for 10 days but Measles and I are looking for a new place cuz its tough with 4 people and were supposed to only have 2 people per house. We're all settled in though but I'm gonna have to get used to settling in and packing up quick here ha. 

So the area has not had missionaries for a while and we are literally starting from scratch. The people will probably be very welcoming though cuz they`ve been without us for so long. Its gonna be super tough cuz no one knows the area and the past missionaries left us the worst info haha. We're determined to get it going though. Were gonna meet with the bishop today some time and discuss with him. 

Man this is just nuts. haha I cant even say how stoked I am!! As for spanish it is gonna be tough learning with a white companion but he is super good and were trying to speak as much spanish as possible. The Lord knows we will work well together and that's why He`s giving us the opportunity. I'm pumped to learn from him too cuz he is a great missionary and knows what he's doing and how to work. Well I hope everything is going great with everyone. So grateful for all of you. Chow!

Elder Beeston

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  1. So fun to find the blog of a Honduras missionary from my own hometown! I found the link on Sister Klein's blog. My son is Elder Braden Smith, serving in Tegucigalpa, he will return home in July. What an adventure our boys are having in this strange land. So exciting to see the growth of their testimony and confidence. I will add Elder Beeston to my prayers.