Monday, October 6, 2014


One week down in Honduras and boy has it been loooonnnggg ha. I come home every night feeling more tired than I have ever felt after any football or basketball game. It is so exhausting haha. This whole week we have just been figuring out the area. We have yet to teach a real lesson cuz we literally know nothing about the area. Everyday we walk for miles in the blazing hot just trying to figure out where things are ha. It's a little frustrating but we have sparked something in this area and I think were gonna have some serious success this week. President said he's taking all of us out of this area in a month unless things get going here. It's cuz we're in one of the hardest areas in the mission and a lot of missionaries are going home this next change. Elder Measles and I are pretty determined to turn things around. He is a great trainer for me. I literally look at him after everything someone says to me cuz I have no clue what anyone is saying here. He is fluent though and he knows so much. He is the best! He has grown a lot as a missionary. I am just a lost little boy here in a big crazy world. Honduras is nuts! It's so hot too but I ain't ever been a baby. 

I hope you all enjoyed conference. It was so refreshing to listen to Apostles and a true Prophet of God. I think the over all theme of this year's conference is that now is the time to build your testimony. Don't wait to build it later. Get to work now and show God that you are willing and really desire to receive of His help. My misson has not been easy but I gotta just keep relying on my Savior and I know He will strengthen me. All of my weaknesses have really been shown to me on my mission. I got a lot of them ha. But in all it has been a good first week. 

We have a family that feeds us every day, the Tursios, and I have been eating rice and beans and guineos errrrrrrday:) I love it though. All the little ninos love to make fun of me cuz I don't know anything they're saying, haha, but they give me language lessons all the time:) The biggest food here besides rice and beans is Baleadas. They are these tortillas filled with beans eggs, strange cheese, and this sauce, but boy are they yummy. I also had pupusas which come from El Salvador and they are super maciso as well! 

Well I hope you all had a gnarly week and have a gnarlier week this week and apply the words of conference in your lives. Love you all!

Elder Beeston

p.s. I don't have time for pics but I will next.

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