Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Well this week alright. The work right now here is pretty tough but we're working hard. My comp got really sick so I had to go for three days straight with the youth in the ward and teach. It was actually a good learning experience because I had to be the one to start all the lessons and take control and answer questions. It was tough but I learned a whole bunchies. We had 6 investigators at church and we have 1 (Eugenia) that's been twice now and should be getting baptized if...... she accepts the law of chastity. It's quite a problem here. Getting married is like one of the hardest things to do in Honduras ha.
Roxi is still tagging along. I have learned to just take deap breaths when I want to nail her. Also got some big news...shes pregnant!! We're gonna have puppies, which is awesome but also not awesome because first we can't have pets. But no matter what we do to Roxy...she doesn't leave so I don't know what I'm gonna do with her pups. Probably just give em to members. Might send one home to my fam too. I am really growing to love the food here. Maybe it's just cuz I'm always so hungry. You know it's bad when you start eating the bones of the chicken and thinking it's good. I feel like Deryke Terrell out here. I have also had to put a limit to the amount of baleadas I eat. They are soooo good. I love them. The tortillas here make me cry every time I eat them. I will definitely miss them one day. Well, don't got much else to say. We got invited to a baby shower the other day of a girl in our ward....she's 15. Don't think we got time to go though. The work will pick up this week. My comp and I are working better together and we got a new elder in our house from Ecuador who I think will really help me. I have a testimony of this Gospel and I'm happy to be doing what I'm doing even though it's so tough somtimes haha. Have a great week!!

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