Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Bueeennnooooo.....Where to start. Where to start....hmmmmm wowzers...where do I start. Uhhhhhh well...right! This week was actually very eventful! So this week was changes and my comp didn't really think he was gonna get changed. But we went to the meeting and they said he had changes and that I was getting a new comp! They then told me that my new comp would be Elder Coj!! He is from Guatemala and is the coolest missionary in the whole mission besides meas. So the awesome thing is that Elder Coj was in Ceiba with Elder Measles and I told Measles that if I could have any other comp in the mission it would be Elder Coj. I also told Elder Coj every district and zone meeting in Ceiba that one day we would be comps! So when I heard I freaked out and I called Elder Measles and he told me that everyone was freaking out in Ceiba and it was such a significant experience. But I got a new comp and I now live with 3 latinos in my house. 3 latins and me. And none of them speak a lick of English so it's gonna be quite the adventure for me. The other two are from Ecuador and are goof balls.

Other crazy thing that happened this week....Roxi had puppies!!!!! Hahah, it was the day after Elder Oliviera left and we were coming home at night and some of the neighbors were out in front of our house and Roxi was in a box. I was really confused and then we went and saw that she delivered! She had a total of 10 pups and 4 died and so now there is 6 little guys just chillin. We can't do anything with them for two weeks so they are just hanging outside part of our house until we can deliver them. We figure it will be a good way to contact people. Nobody is going to reject us if we offer a pup. But ya I'll send some pics. It's pretty rad. 

My new comp and I have a lot of energy and are ready to work here in this area and get this ward going. The ward here is really helping us out and is doing it's own little mission with zl's and dl's in each area of the ward and they are going to find references for us. So things are looking pretty good. My comp is too cool cuz he gives me tickles on my back and makes me feel really good and is a great leader and everybody in the mission loves him. He is super animated to work here. I have the most time in this area out of the four of us in the house so I have to show the dudes around and it stresses me out. Things are going good though. We should have a baptism this Saturday. A kid named Lenin who's 13 is gonna get baptized so we are gonna be working hard with him. I am super excited. Love you all and hope you have a great week. Thanks for all your support!

Just a pic I found on Hna Klein's blog posted January 5, 2015

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