Friday, January 16, 2015


Hey fam! I am so happy today! This was the best day emailing so far.:) hahaha that's so funny about Jorge! 

(excerpt from mom's email) Dad got a call from a guy named Jorge. He asked if we had a son living in Honduras and wanted to know our address so he could come and give us a note that he said you wrote when they saw you at Pizza Hut. So dad gave him our address and then when he started thinking about it, he thought, "Shoot! Who is this guy? Derik never mentioned a note he wrote to us. Maybe it's a trick. Maybe Derik made a shady friend in Honduras and he is coming to collect. I better meet him in a public place." Ha ha. You know how it goes when you let your mind go crazy. So I called him a few times the day he was supposed to meet up with this guy just to make sure he hadn't been gunned down or anything. So funny! Obviously he was a super nice guy who offered to take packages for us when he makes trips down there. Another tender mercy from heaven. You would think that we would have had more of these with Tanner's mission because it was so close and in the states but we've had more people connect with us about you and your mission than we ever had with Tanner. Must be because we need that knowing that you are struggling and so far away. I love tender mercies from heaven. What a loving Heavenly Father we have!!

I would think the same thing too haha. You made the right decision never trust anyone from here. I am so happy you got my note though. It was awesome when they told us they were from orem. Their ingles isn’t too hot but I'm sure you could communicate. And I know it is a miracle from God too. You are right mom and it gave me comfort reading that.

We finally got people at church this week! A tender mercy it was indeed. My comp and I decided to commit to work as hard as we could and strive to be obedient and if we did, that God would bless us with people at church. Cuz these last few weeks we've had nothing and I got angry. Little miracles like that help a lot. The work is starting to get going here. When I got here we had nobody cuz my comp and his last comp did nothing. He's changed a lot though and he's got a new energy to him. Brasilenos are interesting people. I like being his comp though cuz his parents send him so much tasty food from Brazil and I eat it all. I sure do love goodies. Roxy, our dog is still following us everywhere and is starting to think that she is part of the crew. I made sure she knew she wasn't when she tried to enter the house though. We lock it up at every house we go to and run away and its always there waiting at our house haha:) dumb Roxy. Starting to test my patience she is. The only dog I love is my dog Kona. Sometimes we'll be talking to people and I look at Roxy and she just makes me so mad and I wanna just punt her. Then I get distracted and forget what we're talking about. A distraction she is. Sometimes I feel sympathy though cuz it's not an easy life being a dog in Honduras. Last night we walked like 3 miles to a house for dinner and she followed us the whole way as always, sat outside and whimpered, and then after dinner we got a ride home and she ran as fast as her little legs could go to follow us home but just couldn't handle it. This area where we ate is gated off and there is no way out. But bout 20 min later we're at our house locked out and here comes Roxy running home. Who is this dog?! We're thinking about getting a white shirt for her. Not much else has happened this week but we're working hard and hope to get some more people on date for February. It got a bit chilly a couple days this week, bout 90 degrees, so I had to grab my sweater. Hope it heats back up. This area is so cool. I love it. It's got some of the coolest views and it's just crazy. We're in the city of San Pedro Sula and it's a thrill every day. The people are pretty hard here though. LOTS of apostacy. It's a bit sickening but fun talking with the people and helping them and helping them realize how wrong they are with love and helping them find the truth. Should be an excellent week this week. 

Dad I am glad you are still reading the B of M in spanish. I'm half way through it but made a goal to finish it this change. I gotta get going. It's helping my spanish a ton. My spanish is actually getting a bit better every day I think. Everything is getting a little bit better. Like you say mom, just take it one day at a time. So that's what I'm doing. I'm actually taking it about 5 minutes at a time, well I'm trying to haha. We have another person on date named Eugenia! Super awesome she is. She was at church which is way far from where she lives. She walked  that whole way at 7:30 in the morning. She was the first one there. So siick. Miracle she is. Hope things go well with her. We also brought some weirros (kids) to church and had another couple that's been going for years. They just are waiting on getting married which is the hardest thing in the world here in Honduras. The other lady we had on date named Claudia, we just found out she goes to Tegucigalpa every week to see her boyfriend there so we hope things are ok but well see. 

Things are getting better though! Next P-day we are going to play in the soccer stadium here that the best team here plays at. They're called Olympia. Imma bring my football:) Hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for your help with everything! Loves all around!

Elder Beeston

Mom can you also send me a B of M soft copy in Portuguese whenever you send another package? A kid here got his call to Brasil but there is nowhere to get a Portuguese B of M here ha. That would be awesome cuz he wants one!

ps. The football is really helping me out haha. I throw it up in the air whenever I'm stressed while laying on my bed. The pump is awesome too! So sick!!

p.p.s. Mom i literrallly just had like 7 pics coming. I had it all working camera died. Just right now hahah. I'll send a bunchy next week. Sorry!

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