Thursday, September 18, 2014


Howdy everyone!! I am so happy to hear from you guys and am so grateful for all your love and support. One more week to go here in mexico and then im off to Honduras! Im getting super anxious. Im not gonna lie I will really miss the weather here in mexico. Its sooooo nice. weve got some mega rain storms too. it rains a ton. We were able to go to the Temple today and it was really fun. it is closed down for some maintenance stuff so we could only go to the visitor center. The drive there was a blast though. Mexico city is so nuts!! Probably the most unique place ever. people just do what they want and to be a driver here you gotta be really talented. I hear sirens non stop all day cuz people are always crashing haha:) 

This week was a toughy im not gonna lie. Spanish is so hard and I have a really hard time learning but it definitley is coming as I rely on the Lord and my Heavenly Father everyday. I really just have to put my trust in them. I feel like im working hard its just overwhelming cuz you get so much thrown at you. So many books.....I definitely have grown a lot here I feel like. and I have realized that as I humble myself, the language and the understanding of the Gospel comes. But on a happy note haha mexican independence day was a blast! I woke up at 6 am the next day and the fireworks were still blasting off they did not stop. A lot of kids here thought it would be super fun and silly to get on the roofs of the houses and watch the fireworks haha buncha dweebs. I had a bad feeling about that so we just went and had our own little fiesta in our casa with some chips and salsa:) Man I wish I had more time there is so much to talk about!! Oh ya also I will probably be playing professional soccer when i get home. we play cage soccer everyday!! its so much fun and my homie Elder Tobler in my district plays for byu and he has taught me a bunch haha. Well I hope yall have a great week and are enjoying life. Thankyou for all your prayers and support. Serving a mission is the greatest thing on the planet. Hasta luego

Elder Beeston

ps. everyone here loves my ties (tanners ties:)) haha and they all try to trade me everyday but i aint givin em up! 

pss. Tell Trevor..given.....that he served in the sickest mission hahah I try to think of him here walking the streets and its crazy. Tell him i think his mission is awesome!

oh ya also i shaved all my hair off hahaha:)

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