Tuesday, February 17, 2015


So this week on Tuesday we had out interviews with Pres. Klein and which was super helpful. After the interviews we went and found a taxi to go home. He told us he would take us for 20 limpiras each and we were super happy for that. I chatted with the fellow while he drove us home and when we got out of the car I thought to myself hey this guy is a good guy...imma give him a little extra. My comp pulled a bill which was I thought was 50 limpiras and so i took it and gave it to the guy and felt really good about it. As i was telling the dude to take the money my comp was asking me.....hey what are you doing?? I told him...dude its alright i will pay you back. He's a good guy and needs this...So I give the taxi driver his money and he speeds off and my comp just looks at me in shock and said...dude you just gave him quinientos (500)....I said..I know! He needed it:) still thinking it was only 50...my comp says again...DUDE...YOU JUST GAVE HIM QUINIENTOS. Then I finally realized that that's not 50. So I gave the taxi driver 500 limpiars to take us a couple blocks and it was all the money my comp had. So I had to pay him back...But at least we helped someone out right? Sometimes I aint thinking. heh.

So besides that it has been an excellent week. We had a baptism on Saturday! His name is Lenin and we had been teaching him and his mom for quite some time. He is really timid and shy but we helped him overcome that a little. Everytime I see him i give him the biggest hug and now he loves it. The baptism was great and he said he felt super good after. The following day he received the Holy Ghost in church and wasnt even scurrrrred:) Now we are working with his mom and brother and we have a lot of other investigators who are starting to progress. Central America has a new area plan to build up the church here and its super sick. Im not gonna explain all the details of it but we have a plan we are doing to baptize, reactivate, and to have at least 80% of our recent converts in church each sunday and increase each ward 10% with members. One of the things we have to do as missionaries is have a B of M in our hands at all times no matter what. Its awesome. I always hold it up high when we walk past people and when i wave i wave with my B of M.

Another awesome thing that we found out this week is that Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve is coming to talk to us March 14 and it's a multi mission conference!! Which means that I am gonna see Elder Hayden Hunt! Me him and Measles are gonna chill together and listen to an Apostle of Jesus Christ speak and get super pumped to work harder. It's gonna be in the biggest chapel ever in the middle of san pedro sula which can hold all of us. I am so excited to see my buds:) Also March 5 Elder Duncan of the seventy is coming to talk with all of San pedro sula east so that will be super cool too. Things are going well with my comp. We are the bestest of pals. He is an excellent missionary and I sure hope I can learn a lot from him. Great week it was. I love you all and appreciate what you do. Keep trying to be better each day. 

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