Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Well this week was siiiiiiiiiiick:) It was probably the coolest week so far. We started off the week in a trio with another white kid haha. His name is Elder Criddle from brighton. It was so crazy cuz president never puts gringos together (except for me and Elder Measles ha), and then were in a trio with 3! So awesome. He is our DL and is a great teacher so we just felt unstopable together. Literally everyone in the street stopped to look at us cuz it was just so random. Just 3 white dudes in white shirts and ties walking around. Probably was pretty dangerous ha. We only had two beds in the house two so we had to Super Bed. 3 nights in a row. And we only had two chairs in the house so one of us had to sit on a bucket to study. Mostly me cuz I love buckets.

So on Thursday it was just me and Elder Meas again. We were able to find a new family this week who is soooo catholic but they are awesome. Give it some time and there is no way they are not getting baptized. They made us some baleadas the other night that were the best ones ive had my whole mission so far and we eat them everyday pretty much. Another one of our investigators who we thought would be getting baptized this week told us she is having trouble with the law of chastity and that really punched us in the face. Were gonna keep working with her though she is so ready. So another guy we are teaching named Jorge...well I don't even know what to say about him. I found out that I literally know nothing about doctrine after teaching him. He probably is the most interesting man in the world and I have not met a smarter person on planet earth. He knows everything about the
doctrine. Everything. He knows how to just stump you and then he just smiles. He wants to be able to know the truth but he thinks he can only get it from our "wisdom." We bear testimony to him everytime and tell him we are not perfect and are only instruments in God's hands. We testify boldy of pure truth and he says he feels it. He tells us he only keeps us around cuz he feels something good about us. Well Jorge...Get Baptized!!! We tell him the only way to know is to ask God because we cant convince him. He can only know if he will read and get on his knees and ask God. That is the only way anyone can receive a real answer. Go to your Heavenly Father FIRST. 

On Saturday we were able to travel back to Elder Measles old area (where he thought he would be training me) in Progresso! Its about 4 hours from Ceiba.
We got there in 2 1/2. In a bus. Crazy hondurenos. lol. So president came out with a rule that missionaries are not aloud ever to go back to their old areas but made an exception for us because the family only wanted Elder Measles to do it. Or they werent gonna do the baptism haha. So we woke up at 3:30 in the morning and got on a bus at 4:30 to progresso! It is an aweosome place. We were able to go around and visit the people Elder Meas used to teach and had grown to love. Every one there loves him! haha it was so funny to see their reactions when they saw him. We went into Centro, which is crazy, and walked all around seeing his old area. super mega sweeeeeet:) The baptism was great. It was quick too. And after the baptism we were back on a bus to Ceiba. I slept the whole way home and all I remember is some little old lady at the bus stop for probably 20 min staight saying...quiere leechas??? leechas leechas quiere leeeeeechas??? (lichas are fruits here and they are wayyy good). I totally would have bought some from her too if we weren't fasting ha. I could not get her voice out of my head though I'm gonna have nightmares about it. 

Well so ya that was our week. It was quite the adventure. It's been raining errrrrrrr single day and we just give up and walk through the flooded streets cuz we aint babies. Its awful after though and we realize we should have just tried to stay dry..heh. Some rain boots would be a good investment. Well I hope you all have a great week and know that I am doing fine out here. Also Elder Measles and I found out we are staying together for another change at least! mega stoked. Also just got a new part added to our area, and we now have the beach! I´ll send some pics next week. We forgot the cameras today heh! Hasta proxima semana! 

con amor,
Elder Beeston

p.s. oh ya also...I SAW THE BIGGEST SPIDER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE IN MY HOUSE. Almost had a heart attack. I about started crying no joke. Scariest looking spider I have ever seen. Measles took care of it though. Ahhhhhh.

p.p.s. (Joe asked Derik how he liked platanos and little yellow bananas) I love platanos!!! Ahhhh I want some right now. But ya they were weird at first. And the little guys are awesome! I have either boiled guineos, fried platanos, or fried tehadas which are also bananas...every single meal. And rice and beans. You were absolutely right, dad. I love it though. Sometimes. But there is always someone outside saying GUINEOS GUINEOS!! Haha it's so funny. But the best one are the sweet fried platanos. And ya we might be heading to buy some rain boots today! And we're gonna head over to our new area. Super dangerous. We're not allowed there at night. But it's good during the day. It's called Barrio Ingles right by the beach.

-Elder Measles

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