Thursday, August 28, 2014


Greetings family! Im happy i got to hear from you. This first week was super hard. Hardest week of my life. The language is super hard but im learning a lil bit everyday:) We have given 4 lessons in spanish and our last one was super good! The words were just comin out of my mouth and I was remembering all of them! So I got called to be District leader! Its super sick haha at first I wasnt too thrilled cuz it was hard enough doing everything but now im super happy that I am because its helping my spanish a lot!! I have to give a 40 minute lesson every week! haha its nuts but im grateful for I have been called to this. I feel like ive grown a lot this week. I pray so hard everyday for help to get through this. I can feel my prayers and your prayers being answered each day. And i know that the harder I work, and am obedient, the more blessings will come and the language will come. Its pretty laid back here so its harder to be obedient but I got a great compaƱero who loves to learn and work hard. haha hes so funny. Elder killpack. hes from orem!! Me and him just punch eachother all day. haha its just like punching dad all day. He reminds me of him:) The food here is sooooo good!! I eat wayyy too much and I know im gaining weight. Haven't got the runs yet but I guranteeee it will come. I eat so much beans:) and Yes they got choco milk! And yes I drank the choco milk and the donuts were awesome that you sent me!!! Everyone was so jealous hahah:) And then I got a package from grandma and everyone hates me cuz i got all these goodies. my district loves me though:) Yo dad I bet you know exactly what im talking about with the driving haha! Its so nuts. Were gonna go to the Temple soon but its closed so im just gonna take lots of pics! I love you all so much and think about you all day errrday! I pray for you everyday!! Thanks for you love and support. You guys are the best family I could ever ask for! Talk to you next thursday!!

Elder Beeston

ps. Tanner got a job at physical therapy!!?? That is the sickest job ever! and you better get huge dad. No more being lazy. hehehe

pps. Thats too bad about lehi!! some kid found out here and told me i was freaking out. How do they lose to murray!!??

ppps. Tell dad the mtc pres. name is President Pratt. Branch Pres. is Pres. Torres and my bed is good. I got top bunk! hahaha Pres. Pratt scares me. He kinda just says things how it is. Great person though. and pres. torres is the nicest fellow you could meet. he likes me a lot haha. 

Hey i got back on for a couple minutes cuz Elder Tobler still needs to finish haha were on splits right now. Me and him are best buds!! same with Elder Larson! Larson's not in our district though but we have the same gym time and stuff so we still see each other a bunch! Thats so awesome your good friends with his mom now! It seemed like it was just meant to be that we ran into eachother. weve become like best friends. the three of us are gonna be best buds when we  come home haha....and Elder Killpack. How sick is that ...BEESTON and KILLPACK. kids get out of our way here. lolololol. Oh ya... also my shoes are startin to rip so thats sweet. dont tell dad. Hes always right. hahaah maybe when I get to Honduras you could send a package with my black and red nikes and i could just use em both. this computer wont let me do question marks or any symbol cuz its in spanish mode and i cant figure it out haha. but ya maybe you could send those with mccalls sisters mother in law or whoever it is that comes to honduras. The fabric is just shredding but theyre not ripping through at all so thats good.  Sorry for that I should have just thought that through more but you know me. but seriously I love you so much mom. When I opened my suitcase and saw everything all organized with my shirts on hangers, I just couldnt help but smile and say I have the best mom in the world. The other missionaries were all like dude your mom is sooo nice!! none of them had hangers haha. You did so much to help me with all of that and I cant thank you enough. I love you so much. and I love dad so much and ali and larissa and tanner. Best family in the world. Well imma go shoot some hoops right now so ttyl!! heh heh 

Elder Beeston

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